Skye Dancer – by Lila L. Pinord

Skye Dancer – by Lila L. Pinord

Skye Dancer – a modern-day, Native American teenager, living in a quiet fishing village on the coast of Washington state – becomes aware of the “Prospector” when she follows him up to his lair out in the wilderness area beyond the “haunted” Lake Odawa.

Suddenly beset by a ferocious storm – causing rivers and lakes to overflow their banks – Skye and her friends race for higher ground.

There they discover a girl held captive by the mysterious “prospector”, Charlie Crane.

Can they rescue her before the mad mountain man returns to his home in a cave up on Wolf’s Head Mountain?

Who is he?

How did he come to be here?

What does he want?

Who is the poor girl he holds captive at the bottom of a deep, dark pit?

When they find the answers it will scare the wits out of the residents in the quiet wilderness town – and Skye is in for the surprise of her life!

Genre: Fiction, General

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