Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call To Heal Our Wounded Nature – by Burl Benson and Merry Stetson Hall

Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call To Heal Our Wounded Nature – by Burl Benson and Merry Stetson Hall

Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, has woven the multi-dimensional aspects of our lives—personal, relational, cultural, intellectual, scientific, philosophical, and spiritual—into a cosmic web. Burl Hall follows the thread within this web that connects his research in these fields to his personal mystical experience. In Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature, he takes the reader with him ever deeper into the heart of divine Wisdom. Sophia’s Web encourages readers to discover how they can co-create individual, planetary and universal health. It examines Burl Hall’s individual dreams, visions, passions, and missions, in the light of Wisdom (Sophia) shared by great thinkers in all disciplines.

Key topics in the book include:

  • Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom
  • The Cosmic Web Uniting Philosophy, Religion, Science, Mythology, and Personal Experience
  • Our Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature
  • Unity within Diversity and Diversity within Unity
  • The Essential Power of the Feminine
  • The Destructiveness of Our Modern Corporate Emphasis on Standardization
  • Freeing Ourselves from the Dominant Patriarchal, Top-Down Social Structure
  • Our Current Converging Crises Calling for Conscious Human Evolution
  • Co-Creating Individual, Planetary, and Universal Health
  • Integrating Vision, Mission, and Passion
  • How Myths, Both Ancient and Modern, Relate to Our Lives and Our Culture
  • An Invitation to Become the Saving Grace You Were Born to Be

Cold Coffee Review: Have you ever felt drawn into a moving thread of energy that is beyond yourself and seemingly beyond this earthly plane?

Burl Benson Hall began his journey into this universal energy thread around the age of four. His mystic guide, named “Sophia” in Greek mythology and early Christian writings, teaches Burl to experience and understand the feminine and the masculine forces that make up the energy in our universe.

Mystic, philosopher and author Burl Benson Hall brings his experiences, vision, passion and mission to heal our individual inner wounded nature, the natural world around us (our planet) and all of humankind in his book, Sophia’s Web. He transforms a complicated philosophical theory into layman’s terms using his own experiences, poetry, scripture, parables and metaphors. For an example: “She reaches mightily from one end of the Earth to the other and while remaining in herself, she renews all things….and orders all things well. Solomon 7:27, 8:1”

In her foreword to Sophia’s Web Carolyn Baker, author of Collapsing Consciously says: “Sophia’s Web is the saga of Burl Hall’s journey from fleeting visions of Sophia in childhood to a mature, surrendered embrace of the Sacred Feminine which now underpins and informs his life, his work, and his connection with the earth community.”

In my reviews I always quote passages so the reader can get a sense of the author’s style and purpose. These are direct quotations from Sophia’s Web:

“Sophia is the archetypal image of the feminine principle and thus partner to the masculine god. She is present in all traditions, mythologies, and religions-in Hinduism she is Shakti, in Egyptian myth she is called Isis. Traditionally it is in the gnostic, mystical, and alchemical traditions that the feminine face of the divine is central and present.”

“This book purpose, then is to bring peace through the integration of seemingly opposing forces.”

“In order to achieve this peace, much emotional and spiritual work is required, but in Sophia’s Web, Burl and Merry Hall tantalize us with the rewards of doing that work and compel us to embrace the journey with Sophia, “for indeed our lives and our planet depend on it.”

I endorse Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature by Burl Benson Hall as a personal, relational, intellectual, scientific and spiritual resource for those seeking inner healing and a desire to commune with nature and deity to heal our mother earth. I purchased this book from Kindle. This review was completed on July 16, 2015.


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