Technomage – by Clayton Clifford Bye and Keur L. Dawn

Technomage - by Clayton Clifford Bye2Technomage is author Clayton Bye’s second installment of the dark fantasy FROM EARTH TO EDEN. THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES OF JACK LIGHTFOOT Pursued by a cyborg sorcerer and the devil himself, Jack Lightfoot is forced to give up all that is human in an effort to find a way to stop the destruction of both Earth and Eden – Long Blurb: An epic tale of war brimming with an assortment of unique individuals–Satan as a human, a teenage corporate genius who has solved the problem of long-distance space travel, a man who lives inside the internet, a native healer who is also of the cloth, even a resurrected serial killer, Technomage also delves into the nature of both God and man. Note: The Sorcerer’s Key: EARTH TO EDEN I is still in print and widely available; or contact the author at

Genre: Fantasy

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