Ten Great Ways to Understand the World: The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought – by Else Byskov


Our Future Is Bright and Beautiful “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World” introduces a totally new way to see the world. This new way is uplifting, logical and mind-blowing. It reveals that we are on our way towards a peaceful and harmonious coexistence where mutual respect, love and understanding will be predominant. We are obviously not there yet, but the book argues that our development will inevitably take us to a world where there will be no more war, terrorism, social injustice, pollution, climate change and doomsday visions. This change will come about as a result of our reaping of experience over many incarnations. The book is on the leading edge of both spirituality and philosophy, and it reveals the logic behind the present state of the world, the existence of spirit, the necessity of reincarnation, the creation of our fates, the immortality of living beings and the indispensable existence of an intelligent creator. The book is inspired by the legendary work of the Danish 20th century visionary Martinus.


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