The Blue Flame – by Barbara M. Hodges

The Blue Flame (Daradawn Fantasy Series Book Book 1) by Barbara M. Hodges

Daradawn Book One:

Regan Cafferty believes her sister Kelsey is dead. But in truth Kelsey entered a rift, into the world of Daradawn, an alternate land of magic, with doorways that open once every seven years, and remain so for only seven days, a guest in Daradawn for the past seven years, Kelsey has become a commander for Queen Tessa, but they are losing the battle with the Dark Mage Dirkk, Regan Cafferty has a small blue flame on her shoulder, the mark the Power bestows on its chosen in Daradawn.

Kelsey believes her sister and the blue flame is what is needed to defeat Dirkk. She sends Mage Peter through the once again open rift to bring Regan into Daradawn. There, magic, danger and a long denied love wait for her, but only if Peter can convince her he isn’t crazy, and to return to Daradawn with him.

Genre: Fantasy

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