The Dangerous Duke: An Authentic Regency Romance – by Arabella Sheraton (Fiona Ingram)

The-Dangerous-Duke-An-Authentic-Regency-Romance-by-Arabella-SheratonAn authentic regency romance about the beautiful but impoverished Fenella Hawke.

When Fenella takes up the position of Companion to the elderly Dowager Duchess of Wyndlesham, she is unprepared for the hostile attitude of the current Duke.

The handsome and arrogant Devlin Deverell suspects Fenella has secrets to hide. From the moment they meet, Devlin and Fenella experience an overpowering and frightening attraction. They try to fight their growing arousal, but find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other.

However, when Lady Penelope Vane, Devlin’s extremely jealous mistress, discovers that Devlin’s attentions are wandering, she sets in motion a ruthless plot to discredit Fenella, with the help of her ally, the rakish Sir Marcus Solesby.

Can Fenella keep her secret from the dangerous Duke? Or will Lady Vane’s diabolical plan succeed?

Genre: Romance, Historical, Historical Regency Romance

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