The Downfall Of Marriage – by Else Byskov

The Downfall Of Marriage – by Else Byskov

Do you have marital problems?

Do you find it difficult to live in harmony in marriage?

Have you never married?

Do you think there is something wrong with you for being single or divorced?

If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. It reveals the real reason for our relationship problems.

There is nothing wrong with you.

The reason is an organic / sexual / mental / emotional change that is happening to all human beings as we evolve. Today we are simply not as suitable for marriage as we were in the past.

It is time we realize that our sexual pole transformation is recreating us to becoming whole, independent and freedom seeking individuals with a corresponding lesser ability to live in relationships.

This book explains the reason for our degenerating ability to live in marriage. It is a helping hand to all those who are confused, insecure and depressed about why their marriages are not working. The book is based on Martinus´ clear, logical and intelligent analysis of the transformation of our sexual poles on our way to becoming real, all-loving human beings.

This book also reveals the real reason for the existence of homosexuality. The real reason for the growth of same-sex relationships has been a mystery until now. This book is a revelation for anyone who is struggling to understand why they are gay.

It is all explained logically in The Downfall of Marriage.

Learn why the present state of the world is a result of our unfinished state as emerging humans.

Get an intimate look at the bigger picture. It is both mind-blowing and positive.

With The Downfall of Marriage we are on the leading edge of thought. After reading this book, you will never look at relationships or sexuality in the same way again.

Cold Coffee Review:

I find it interesting that Author Else Byskov was born in Denmark and it is there where she became fascinated with the visionary and mystic work of Martinus. It is her mission to bring the ideas of Martinus to her readers and I have to give her 5 stars for her knowledge, research and passion. Else writes, “Martinus was born in Sindal in the North of Jutland in August 1890. His mother was unmarried and the boy, born to a single parent, was baptized Martinus Thomsen. He grew up at the smallholding of Moskildvad (1) with his uncle and aunt, as his mother could not have him living with her. He grew up in very modest circumstances and spent much of his childhood herding cows and helping out at surrounding farms. He had a very modest schooling, and since the family could not afford to let him study, he was apprenticed as a dairyman at an early age.”

This book contains 13 well written chapters with titles geared for mature audiences: The divorce culture of today, Why Martinus?,The transformation of the sexual poles, The one-poled being, What is sexuality?, On the way to becoming double-poled, The growth of universal love, Homo- or pansexuality, Sexual derailments, The double-poled human being, The master plan, Notes, and Bibliography.

The author writes with intelligence and passion as she warns, “This book should not be read by people in love, newlyweds or happily married couples. It has not been written for them. This book has been written for those who are unhappy in their relationships, the divorced, the involuntary singles, those who have several broken relationships behind them, and for those who cannot figure out how to live together as a couple. It has especially been written for the homosexuals who will find a logical explanation to their sexual structure and special preferences in this book – an enlightening explanation that they will not find anywhere else. All open-minded people are invited to read this book, especially those who have realized that we still do not know the whole truth about life, death and our own evolution.”

Opps, I have been happily married for forty-two years and yet I found the book’s prospective interesting because I have an open mind. However, I personally feel that the success of marriage is as simple as genuine love, respect and a common sense approach to give and take.

I always quote a passage of each book that I read so you can judge for yourself.

“The real human being. Many people would probably argue that we are real human beings today and will protest against being called unfinished human beings, so let’s just look at what, according to Martinus, it means to be a ´real´ human being. A real human being is somebody who is filled with universal love for all other beings, be it humans, animals or plants. It is a being whose selfishness is dead and who cannot cheat, lie, brag, steal, deceive, hate, injure, maim, kill and feel envy or jealousy. S/he does not want to have goods or gold but lives humbly and only wants to be a source of joy and assistance for others. S/he lives to serve his or her neighbour. A real human being does not want to shine and impress, s/he does not want to be admired, worshipped and made much of, but only wants to live in quiet obscurity and do the best for her or his fellow beings. A real human being does not participate in the killing of animals and therefore lives exclusively on a vegetarian or vegan diet (8).

In stark contrast to the real human being, we find the one-poled predator. The predator lives exclusively to please itself and is basically selfish in everything it does. As an offshoot of the animal selfishness, we find, when the animal has evolved in the human direction and has a human body, the desire to have power over others and to brag, boast, steal, shine, lie, decorate himself with borrowed feathers, deceive, hurt, maim and kill. These ´offshoots´ from the animal selfishness extend their ramifications far into the human kingdom. We can say that to the extent that we are still able to do any of those things, to the same extent do we have an animal mentality. It is only when we have outlived the need to exercise the aforementioned ´activities´ that we can rightly call ourselves real human beings.

Today there are probably not very many people who can say that they are completely free from having one or more of the above tendencies, and in this way it becomes clear that we are not quite finished, real human beings yet.

Now, there is probably someone who would like to know how the process from animal to human takes place. How do we become real human beings, not only physically but mentally and emotionally? How do we throw off our animal skin and become finished, all-loving human beings?”

I encourage you to read The Downfall of Marriage by Else Byskov as it is a perspective that you probably haven’t been exposed to. I endorse this book in the genre of religion, spirituality, personal growth and mysticism. This author has books written in English, Danish, German and Spanish. Her English titles are ‘Death Is An Illusion’, The Undiscovered Country-A Non-Religious Look At Life after Death’, ‘The Art of Attraction’ ‘The Beginning Is Near’, ‘The Downfall of Marriage-The Great Transformation of Our Sexual and Marital Relations’ and ‘On Foot on Andalucía -40 hiking excursions in Southern Spain’. I purchased and reviewed this book from a Kindle format on March 5, 2017.

Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Religion (Non-Fiction)

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