The Emerald Dagger – by Barbara M. Hodges

The Emerald Dagger (Daradawn Book 2) by Barbara M. Hodges

The Emerald Dagger, book 2 of the Daradawn series, finds Kelsey back in San Francisco seven years later, trying to pull herelf back together after leaving the love of her life in Daradawn.

She decides to back through the rift one more time before marrying her new love, Duncan.

When she returns she finds Dirkk has resurfaced and is again threatening Daradawn with an even more powerful evil.

She and Regan must pull together the diverse population of Daradawn to triumph over this new danger.

In the midst of all of this turmoil, one sister renews her love and the ohter finds happiness with her lost love.

Genre: Fantasy

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