The Lady’s Revenge: An Authentic Regency Romance – by Arabella Sheraton (Fiona Ingram)

The Lady's Revenge- An Authentic Regency Romance by Arabella SheratonThis engaging traditional Regency romance is the sequel to Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball.

Miss Letitia DeVere decides that revenge is a dish best eaten cold when she returns to London after a two-year absence to find her former admirer Lord Charles Blackwood on the verge of proposing to Miss Patience Cherwell.

Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball proved to be the turning point in his fledgling romance with Patience.

Letitia is not the kind of woman who gives up easily, as Patience and Charles soon find out. She stoops at nothing to achieve her aims. However, Letitia has a dark past, with secrets that threaten to return and destroy her newfound social success.

When Charles proves less malleable than in the past, Letitia resorts to subterfuge, seduction, blackmail, and even violence to force him to propose.

Will he see through her tricks and remain true to Patience, or will Letitia’s seductive wiles lure him back?

Genre: Romance, Historical, Historical Regency Romance

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