The Lord And The Mermaid: Wildecoast Saga Book 1 (The Wildecoast Saga) – by Bernadette Rowley

The Lord and the Mermaid-Wildecoast Saga Book 1 (The Wildecoast Saga) by Bernadette RowleyFans of C.L. Wilson will love this fantasy romance about two lovers from different worlds who will break the laws of land and sea in their quest to be together.

Mermaid Merielle has fled the sea, disgusted at the actions of her people and desperate to build a life for herself on land. But to truly live as a woman, she must

Lord Nikolas Cosara has lost his brother at sea, and is driven to discover whether his sibling has died at the dangerously seductive hands of a mermaid. But when Nik finds Merielle washed up on the beach, he reluctantly saves her. Despite his antipathy for her kind, Nik is increasingly drawn to Meri, who is slowly working her way into his damaged heart.

Can Nik surrender to his love for Meri before her hopes of a human life are lost forever? Or will a devastating secret bring all her efforts to naught?

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Epic, Romance

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