The Newbie Author’s Survival Guide: How to Thrive in the Book Marketing Wilderness – by A. K. Taylor

The Newbie Author’s Survival Guide – by A. K. Taylor

New and updated edition!

The first survival guide for new authors on a tiny budget.

New Author? Confused about social media and where to begin? Need a field guide or manual? Here it is! Pick up a copy today!

After crash landing into self-publishing with nothing but the clothes she had on, author AK Taylor fought for survival with trying to market her books on a small budget. After two years of trial and error, reworking, refining, and reaching out, she has created the first survival guide for book marketing compiled of great tools and resources that can be used by any author during the rough times.

Comparing the book marketing wilderness with the real wilderness is how Taylor viewed the publishing world around her. Growing up in the woods and learning survival skills has given her this unique viewpoint for a different kind of world. When she started her search for information, a book marketing survival guide didn’t exist–until now.

Editorial Reviews

“The Newbie Author’s Survival Guide is a no-brainer at $2.99.  Packed with tips on how to promote your book on Amazon, networking, and links to scores of author resource sites.   It’s information that new authors need to know. Period.”
Reviewed by Mark Levine Author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing


“Wish I had picked up this survival guide MUCH SOONER! Easy to read, well organized. I find myself referring to it often, and I have no doubt it will help build the endurance a new writer needs in order to survive and flourish. Happy to highly recommend this one!”
Reviewed by Audrey Kane, first time author


“I found this book incredibly useful. I have been searching for a book to help me get my head around Google Adwords. In terms of the amount of support it gives others, it would be worthy of five stars.”
Reviewed by J. James Goodreads Reviewer and Indie Author


“What was the author’s purpose in writing this book? To help new authors find their way in an increasingly competitive world. Did this book remind you of anything? As a blogger, this book was very helpful to me where online networking and social media sites are concerned. The writing sites are also helpful because those allow me to be informed about what else is happening in self-publishing.”
Reviewed by The Author’s Friend


“Social media is new to many of us at the book club and we’ll definitely be using this book to help us along the way.”
Reviewed by The Reading Cat


“What I didn’t like. Nothing at all. She even makes it a point to highlight offline marketing which I think is very helpful for any writer or blogger. Did you find that the cover and title represented what the book was really about? Most definitely.”
Reviewed by Top Shelf Books


“What are some of the book’s themes? This book functions as an A to Z guide for authors who want to attempt self-publishing. The author provides links to other sites and examples of what needs to be done. Top 3 things I liked about the whole book. It was to the point. It can also function as a guide for book bloggers. My favourite chapter was networking.”
Reviewed by Next Big Book Thing


“Cover. This was spot on. Blogging, social media and self-publishing does feel like the wilderness.”
Reviewed by Book Connoisseur

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About The Author: At age 16 A.K. Taylor began writing her first action packed books fantasy/sci-fi adventure books The Neiko Saga. Fearless heroines that are also the underdogs take young readers on intense, original, and imaginative adventures that teach them to never give up and to fight for what they believe in no matter the odds.

From science fiction and fantasy to mysteries and thrillers, young readers will be taken on fast paced adventures and into rich worlds that will come alive when they open the book.

Currently, A.K. Taylor resides in the GA backwoods where she continues to write, blog, and enjoy the great outdoors with her husband and Dutch Shepherd.

Visit her to follow her on social media, join her newsletter, or join her Facebook reader group A.K.’s Tribe or her Review Team to get free books, participate in giveaways and get the goods before anyone else.

Why is it called this? There is more than one AK Taylor out there, but as far as she knows she’s the only one from the backwoods, and the backwoods makes up her life! Owner and CEO of Soaring Eagle Publications LLC

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Why is it called this? There is more than one AK Taylor out there, but as far as she knows she’s the only one from the backwoods, and the backwoods makes up her life!

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