The Speed Of Dark by Clayton Clifford Bye and PDR Lindsay

The Speed Of Dark – by Clayton Clifford Bye and PDR Lindsay

27 strangely different and disturbing horror short stories by talented authors from around the world.

Cold Coffee Review: Nineteen authors contributed twenty-seven short stories in this Horror Anthology, The Speed of Dark. Author Clayton Bye is editor and also the contributor of Retrovirus and The Speed of Dark within this collection. In the Introduction Clayton says it best when speaking about the Horror genre. He says, “A story that disturbs is like a deep sliver. It works its way slowly through your flesh, sometimes festering, sometimes not. But it’s there, it’s with you long after the story is done.”

The short story The Speed of Dark by Clayton Bye reminds me of Twilight Zone’s epic psychological horrors. The premise begins with two questions, “How does one outrun darkness?” and “What’s the speed of dark?” I invite you to read this short story and ask yourself, what secret dreams and silent screams inhabit your inner peace?

Enjoy each story as told by different voices, varied life experiences and individual writing style. Read the introductions from authors Casey Wolf, Clayton Bye, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe, Eduard Garçon, E.J. Ruek, Gerald Rice, James Secor, John B. Rosenman, Kenneth Weene, Leigh M. Lane, Lyn McConchi, Marion Webb-De Sisto, Mary Firmin, Megan Johns, Micki Peluso, Minna van der Pfaltz, Tim Fleming, Tonya Moore and Tony Richards before their short story begins.

This book was edited by CC Bye and PDR Lindsay with Cover Art by Zentao. I am most familiar with author Clayton Bye’s published works that include Bare Knuckle MBA: Everything You Need to Know About Running A Profitable Business; Getting Clear; How To Get What You Want From Life: Practical Techniques For Building The Future You’ve Always Wanted; The Sorcerer’s Key; The Contrary Canadian: A Collection; The Hundred: Actions That Make Dreams Come True; The It Can’t Be Done, No Way, You’ve Got To Be Kidding, Crazy Or Unbelievably Stupid To Try It, Handbook For Success; Technomage; What I Found In The Dark; Behind the Red Door and the anthologies: The Speed of Dark, Writers on The Wrong Side of the Road and Det Lupèe: The Impossible Cases. All of these books and books written by authors in this anthology can be purchased through Amazon.

I endorse The Speed of Dark by Clayton Bye as a well written horror anthology by nineteen authors. The short stories will satisfy horror seekers far beyond camp-fire stories told on Halloween. I purchased this book from Kindle. This review was completed on October 31, 2015.

Genre: Horror

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