The Two Jacks – by Ronald James

The Two Jacks – by Ronald James

The Two Jacks is a love story about Jack and Alice. It’s an easy read and takes us back to a time when life was simple. The story is a madcap romp, sassy and sexy. In the mid-seventies two college graduates, music majors with the same first name, are about to find out the real world is fraught with peril. The Jacks have written a musical together. When two years go by and nobody will even listen to their music, one of the Jacks, a philanderer, decides to take the idea to a producer of adult movies, C. Jay Sniffen. Being devious, he wants to get the musical on film so the two of them will have something to show Broadway and Hollywood. In order to entice the porn producer, Jack suggests Sniffen be the first to make an adult musical, but doing that changes the lives of both Jacks and Sniffen completely.

Womanizer Jack wants action and is not ready to trash the musical he and his best friend have written together. His roomy, the more reserved Jack, has found that being a professional student has merit as long as his wealthy mother and father keep him well greased with spending money. Jack the lad comes to realize he’s getting older and his partner is too comfortable playing the lazy game. But C. Jay Sniffen the pornographic film producer, sees talent in the Jacks’ vanilla musical and is savvy enough to turn it into Cherry Garcia.

Born in the depression and having no toys to speak of, I used my imagination to conjure up stories. I would tell them to my playmates, while we constructed space ships and buildings out of cardboard boxes. Yes, we had Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers back then. In my teens I went to a movie about George Sands, the pen name of a women writer. I became enamored with having a pen name and selected “Ronald James.” Unfortunately, my chosen profession, architecture, prevented me from writing. Now retired, I have completed stories that have been buzzing in my brain for years. The Two Jacks takes us back to the mid-seventies, when porn busted into mainstream society. At the time, I always wondered why the fledging porn industry never tried to do musicals since they poked fun at everything else. My mind started to put together what if scenarios. The result, The Two Jacks.

Special Note: The book The Two Jacks was published by Dog Ear long before I had signed a contract with Big Sky Press where I was one of their authors, and was introduced to my current editor. I may have The Two Jacks reedited for it’s a love story about when pornographic films hit mainstream movie theaters, set in 1962. It has a story (the musical) within the story and borders on being erotic.
Author Ronald James being interviewed by Ana Escobar for his latest work THE TWO JACKS

Genre: Adult

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