The Wolf Moon: A Supernatural Fantasy – by Nikki Broadwell

The Wolf Moon: A Supernatural Fantasy – by Nikki Broadwell

The Wolf Moon is a second edition, combining Willow and Raven (books 2 and 3 of Wolfmoon series) into one. The fantasy/romance has been revamped and streamlined for those who like a shorter read, and will appeal to fans of the Outlander series and those who enjoy Juliet Marillier’s work.

On the way to the airport before Maeve’s flight to Scotland, she and her boyfriend Harold argue over an ancient map. Why was it included in one of the crates of paintings that arrived at the gallery where Maeve works, and what did it have to do with her reunion with her mother?

Maeve is about to find out. When she’s thrown into a parallel world on the night of winter Solstice she wishes she hadn’t left the map back at the cottage. Alone in a land where goddesses and druids still roam, Maeve must come to terms with an ancient prophecy that names her as the one to bring Otherworld back from the brink of disaster. What will happen when Harold arrives in Scotland to join her? Will he find the map and attempt to locate her, or will he leave thinking she doesn’t care for him anymore? But there is no time to think about Harold or what may or may not happen–she needs to concentrate on staying alive.

Genre: Religion, Spirituality, New Age, Goddesses, British, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Metaphysical, Visionary

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