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Theodocia McLean was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954.

Adopted twice, she wasn’t told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday.

Her love for writing began when her fifth grade teacher captured her imagination with creative writing assignments while she was living away from home in a harsh, punitive private school environment.

A song that she sings everyday is the only link that she has to Clara, her one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time in that dreadful place. She longs for the day when someone, even a stranger, will show her the proof that she desperately needs on whether her friend really died that terrible day.

My Theodocia by Stormy describes the first twenty-three years of her life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty. Writing is therapy and telling her story takes her experience out of the shadows into the light. She hopes that her readers will muster up the courage to tell their story and thus begin their own healing journey.

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My Theodocia: As Told By: Stormy by Theodocia McLean, Stormy

My Theodocia – by Theodocia Mclean

My Theodocia – by Stormy describes the first twenty-three years of life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty. Theodocia is twice adopted and known as Theo, as her full name is not revealed to her until she is sixteen. Stormy draws you in with her exceptional descriptive skill. You feel like you are one of her friends playing with her in the playhouse, riding bikes and taking turns on the swing. The warm memories bring fond thoughts of your own childhood.

Then the scene changes and hits hard, leaving the reader sad, disturbed and even angry. Where are the parents, teachers, the church, and other adults? None come to Theo’s aid. There are many traumas-some by others and some by cruel fate. All leave a lasting scar.

This is more than a retelling of abuse and neglect. This is an inspirational story of unimaginable perseverance. Theodocia, she shows a colossal level of courage and determination to survive and to flourish. She marries the love of her life and soon has a son. Marriage and motherhood bring a measure of stability and love to her life that she had not known.

She begins to worry about the loss of sizeable chunks of time in her day. In the last few pages, the family is packed and moving again and we are left to wonder if the time lapses and interrupted concentration are the first symptoms of future problems caused by the many traumas.

In closing, Stormy tells about a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder and a later diagnosis of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder). The tone is set for the upcoming Stormy Journey; a sequel featuring the network of personalities that live inside her.

The strength needed to write her story, reliving each painful moment, is extraordinary. Hard to put down and impossible to forget, I highly recommend that you read My Theodocia. Reviewed by WR Potter For Reader’s Choice Literary Reviews

Reader Appreciation:

I thank this author for writing an amazing book about the life of a child whose journey …

by Linda Diane Wattley on March 25, 2016

Reviewed From Kindle Edition

I thank this author for writing an amazing book about the life of a child whose journey was a continued nightmare.

Theodocia McLean’s soul was revealed through the pages of this book.

This is not a rush through read, this is a take your time and relate write.

For sure, the power of love and the Will of God is what made the difference in her life.

Mental disorders can go without being diagnosed for so many years of people’s lives.

Theodocia wrote this book to bless others who have questioned their mental state
and wondered if they could live normal lives after being traumatized for so many years.

For sure, she lets you know yes you can!


A book you will not forget.

Review by Gloria Antypowich on December 12, 2016

I have never met Theodocia McLean, but I am familiar with her work at Cold Coffee Press. I have always admired her intelligence, and the great job she does of managing the site.

I was saddened for her when I read “My Theodocia.” It was shocking to imagine what it would have been like for her to be given away by her alcoholic father, to a man and a woman who wanted a child, because they were unable to have their own. Daddy Willie and Bessie were given legal custody of Theodocia before she was eight months old. They had good intentions, and Daddy Willie loved his little girl. When his wife died, he refused to give the child up, even though many encouraged him too. He was a fisherman, so he was gone most of the day and Theodocia was looked after by a steady stream of babysitters.

Years of neglect took a toll on her, and she did not develop and mature as quickly as she should have. Finally, the local pastor and his wife convinced Daddy Willie to give them custody of the pretty brown-eyed girl. Then Ewen and Annabelle made plans to take her off the island, and Annabelle lost touch with everything else that was familiar. When she was 6 years old they legally adopted her.

Theodocia’s life was full of neglect and abuse. At one point, she had to go to a private school. The rules were abnormally restrictive; punishment was abusive and cruel. It is no wonder that eventually she was diagnosed with mental illness. No child should have had to live with what she did.

The bright spot (and turning point) in her life was when she met and married Marshal, and they had a son, William. These events brought stability, security, and love into her life that she had never known.

Theodocia began to experience time lapses that she couldn’t account for. William was never in danger because of them, but when she went to a neurologist, she was diagnosed as a borderline Epileptic. Later on, she was also diagnosed as being Bi-Polar and later still, she was diagnosed as having DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as Multiple Personality Disorder). I can only applaud Theodocia’s strength, determination and endurance to become the accomplished person she is today.

My Theodocia made me feel humble; I realized that I have had such a fortunate and privileged life. This book is painful, but also offers hope, because, despite all her disadvantages, Theodocia did have happy days and enjoyable times.

I recommend this book. You will want to cry; I know I did. But you will smile at times too and you will never forget McLean’s story.

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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