Time Gap: Airy and Fehin Book 2 – by Nikki Broadwell

Time Gap Airy and Fehin Book 2 – by Nikki Broadwell

What Happens When Past and Present Collide?

Sabre-toothed tigers, woolly rhinos and Neanderthals are wreaking havoc in Milltown, all because of Airy’s misguided use of her ring.

And when Fehin is hit with an arrow from another age, she must come to terms with what she’s done. Little does she know that a cruel world of the future waits like a spider to catch them both in its web.

What happens when past and present collide? Find out in this fast-paced time-travel thriller as time itself slips through Airy and Fehin’s fingers.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Time Travel

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