Tutankhamen Speaks – by Cheryl Carpinello

Tutankhamen-Speaks-by-Cheryl-CarpinelloHundreds of years ago, scrolls that would alter the view of Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh were lost. Rumors through the ages said the scrolls told of a time that the Pharaoh Tutankhamen spoke from beyond the grave. No one who heard of these scrolls believed that the scrolls had ever existed.

Then following the Arab Spring in 2011, S. L. Wood, an Egyptian scholar, made an amazing discovery in the basement of the Cairo Museum.

Read the story from the lost scrolls that recorded the Boy King’s words from beyond the grave.

Message From The Author:

“Tutankhamen Speaks is the basis for my current Work-in-Progress Sons of the Sphinx.

Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me, as it has thousands of others. When my husband and I visited Egypt in 2008, we traveled on our own. After arriving in Cairo, we explored the Giza Plateau. The Sphinx and the Pyramids took my breath away. Touching the blocks of Khufu’s pyramid connected me to the builders of that pyramid over 3000 years ago.

We traveled the length of Egypt twice by train. I could talk for hours of the magnificent monuments we explored: the temple at Abu Simbel, Luxor and Karnak temples, the Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings and of the Queens. I would return in a heartbeat to that magical land.

I lost part of my soul to that ancient land. Since then, I’ve read all that I can, fiction and non-fiction, set in or dealing with ancient Egypt. When the King Tut exhibit was in Denver in 2010, I went three times! We also went to hear Dr. Zahi Hawass’ lecture.

Some Of My Favorite Reads:
Beneath the Sands of Egypt by Archaeologist Donald P. Ryan; non-fiction
Omm Sety’s Egypt By Dorothy Eady; a memoir
Discovering Tut-ankh-Amen’s Tomb edited by Shirley Glubok; non-fiction
The Lost Army of Cambyses by Paul Sussman; fictional series”

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction

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