Was It Fate Or Destiny: Book #1 – by Raymond Cook

Was-It-Fate-Or-Destiny-Book-1Note: This is the first story I wrote, never expecting to write Book #2. I hope you will enjoy what inspired me to continue writing.

The Homestead Act of 1862 was the match that lit millions of Americans dreams back east of wanting to own their own land out west. Each married couple was eligible to own 160 acres of land out west if they lived on the land, built a home and farmed it for five years. Marble, Colorado was one such small town that held the promise of work in the silver or marble mines.

Was It Fate Or Destiny? is a 257 page story about Emily Brown, a 24 year old widow and her two children, Tommy age seven and Sarah six homesteading in the Crystal River Valley outside Marble, Colorado. Her husband Jess was a miner killed in a card room brawl at Kate’s Saloon in 1890. Look through her eyes at the challenges she faces trying to raise and protect her children alone outside of town.

With Jess buried behind her cabin Emily doesn’t feel she can ever allow herself to fall in love with any other man. Travel back in time and see her meet Sam Bates, a kind but shy ranch hand bunking at the Triple R Ranch. See the struggle each of them endure trying to share their feelings for each other and her love she had for Jess before they allow their love to grow.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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