Website Design Service


Does Your ‘Word Press’ Website Need A Face Lift?


Let Me Re-Design and Manage Your Professional ‘Word Press’ Website.

I Will Drive Traffic and Keep Your Blog Fresh.

I Will Post For You On Face Book Daily (except for major Holidays).

I Will Create Any Business Website, Not Just For Authors.


I Do All The Work and Updates For You.

Put Me To Work For You Today!

Contact Theodocia To Discuss Your Needs.


Terms and conditions for my help with your existing ‘Word Press’ website:

  • We would have a month to month contract.
  • I charge $275.00 for my time to re-design your ‘Word Press’ site.
  • Cost $100.00 per month to manage your site will be invoiced through Pay Pal.
  • I will refresh your blog posts daily, I will pick a blog post and or book feature to post to my Facebook page (except on major holidays and scheduled vacations).
  • You can send special things for me to post.

First Step: I will copy the code of each page (except the blog) and place it in a file so I don’t lose anything.

Your blog (if you have one) should transfer over just fine with the new template. I will do my best not to lose anything.

Second Step: I install a new template. I have one that is simple and attractive.

Third: I will check to see if Word Press has any updates to install, if so I will allow them to update.


  • I will rebuild your website.
  • I will add a counter so I can track visitors.
  • I will add a professional footer.
  • I will add your social networking buttons at the top and bottom of your home page.
  • I will grow your blog and welcome any posts that you wish to add.
  • I will add a special page about you, your books and your videos (if you have any).
  • I will track each page and each blog post to see how many readers each one receives going forward and the pages and posts with the most views will show up on the Homepage like you have it now, except it will have a readership count with it.
  • I will get rid of the ability for people to place comments on your pages, because this leaves you wide open for trolls to attach stuff and hurt your ranking.
  • I will put your Blog Categories into a drop box.
  • I will redo your blog (if you have one). While doing this I will re-date your content in order to excite the internet spiders and begin tracking readership.


If I build your new website from scratch:

  • I will need any photos (Jpeg Format) that you would like put on your website including your head-shot. If I have to buy photos for your website there will be a photo license fee for each photo.
  • What domain would you like go in search of?
  • I purchase and own the domain name. I create your website and maintain it for you.


Initial Cost: I charge $275.00 (invoiced through Pay Pal)

Monthly Cost: I charge $100.00 per month (invoiced through Pay Pal) working to bring your website higher up in the search engines and keep visitors coming to your site.

I contract and bill through Pay Pal. They accept e-check, debit and credit cards.


Contact Theodocia McLean with any questions and for a Pay Pal Invoice:


Here Is A List Of Our (Cold Coffee Press) Websites To Date:

Private Websites Built For My Authors:

Author Linda Diane Wattley (My Design and I Manage)

Author Fiona Ingram (My Design and I Manage)

Author Peter Darley (My Design and I Manage)

Author Maggie Tideswell (My Design and I Manage)

Authors Tony Nesca and Nicole Nesca (My Design and I Manage)