Who Abducted The U. S. Deputy Marshals Granddaughter-Book #15 – by Raymond Cook

Who-Abducted-The-U.-S.-Deputy-Marshals-Granddaughter-Book-15Who Abducted The U. S. Deputy Marshals Granddaughter? is a 195 page story about Donald Spencer who was sworn in as a Deputy United States Marshal for the Colorado Territory. For the next five years Donald held many jobs in the marshal’s office. One of them was partnering up with Chris Ballard and together they traveled a circuit of towns to perform their duties and assist local sheriffs when necessary.

Five years later, Donald and Chris ride into a burned out town and are attacked. Chris is killed but Donald’s able to kill the man trying to kill him. Later, Donald will arrest a wealthy rancher who killed his neighbor and forged his name on the deed to his ranch. With the help of a crooked telegraph man though, the gang locates Donald’s son’s ranch. They abduct Donald’s five year old granddaughter Katelynne and leave instructions with her mother.

The gang threatens to kill the child Donald loves unless he releases their boss. But making the exchange isn’t all that easy after Katelynne’s kidnappers make a mistake and let the child escape. For three days Katelynne wanders the woods during a rainstorm with a fever before she’s found by a woman. But luck is on the gang’s side. After they begin searching nearby ranches and they re-capture the child. Meanwhile, Donald has his own setbacks too after he accidently kills his prisoner while trying to find out the location of the gang’s hideout.

Donald hires a stranger who looks similar to his prisoner and dresses him in the same clothes with the hope that he can catch the gang by surprise during the prisoner exchange to come. After following the instructions the gang gave him to make sure a posse wasn’t trailing him, the stage is set and the fake gang leader and Katelynne begin walking towards each other in a large open valley with a grove of aspen trees as all hell breaks loose.

Genre: Western, Fiction

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